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The sampling of photos shown below are from Annette Langer's world travels, visiting all seven continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

                A sleeping lioness awakens above our land rover 
Kenya, East Africa

Young Masai highway robbers holding their loot
Tanzania, East Africa

Getting ready to ride an ostrich 
South Africa

  Server pours the patron a drink straight from the bottle
Canary Islands off the western coast of Africa

 Reflections of penguins perched on the ice 

Accidentally walking onto a land mine field  
Falkland Islands, near Antarctica

 Having a leisurely breakfast in a park in Shanghai,
surrounded by the curious locals

 Dressed in a traditional kimono
near Tokyo, Japan

 Sleeping in a traditional "yurt," a canvas nomad dwelling 
Gobi Desert, Mongolia

  Making our fresh fish lunch alongside the Amur River 
 Russian Far East

  A local woman bearing her load along a city street 
Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam

The temple was used in the Harrison Ford film,
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
 Petra, Jordan, Middle East

Cuddling a Koala (fur soft, claws sharp!)

Bottle feeding a lamb
New Zealand 

At "Checkpoint Charlie"
after the colorful Berlin Wall was torn down

 Guests arrive at a wedding with their gift a piglet!

Off the eastern coast 

   Glacier viewing on the Inside Passage

   Lifting a baked roast pig from the beachside underground oven

  Parasailing over Acapulco Bay

      Bikini stand along the street (bottoms sold separately!)
Rio de Janiero, Brazil

  Young Shepherd in Sacsayhuaman (say "sexy woman")
Peru, South America

You'll find captivating stories about these colorful destinations and more in Annette Langer's adventure travel/humor book, A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the World: Diary of a Fearless Travel Agent.

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