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                 Healing through Humor:
                              Change Your Focus,
                                Change Your Life!


Annette Langer provides a running string of humorous comments, based on her multiple and serious medical experiences, including many comical nuggets and examples of engaging self-denigration.
The humor, however, is often
couched with valuable tips and pointers that show readers, by example, how to effectively use a more humor-oriented mindset with various medical problems and setbacks to alleviate and overcome suffering. The commentary throughout is sprinkled with engaging asides that offer words of encouragement that provide a vivid sense of the author's life, her medical travails, and how she herself coped.
Writer's Digest Magazine

Annette Langer's trials and tribulations will bring a tear to your eye as her ever-present positive outlook will bring a smile to your face. Read her book, learn from her, and you too will be healed through humor!
Allen Klein
Author and Past President of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor

Langer's joy, grace, and zest for living despite her own challenges shine through on every page.
Kathy Cordova                                                                                                               Author 

Langer's words are an art form used to paint her stories, drawing readers into a vivid world of warmth, humor and healing. This is a must read!                                                                                                      Pat Goard
RN Practitioner

Langer is a survivor and will help you to be one too, providing a good laugh in the process.
Judy Hanneman

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          A Funny Thing Happened
           on My Way to the World
                  Diary of a Fearless Travel Agent


Annette Langer's book is a must for readers who love to learn about our world. Her captivating tales about all seven continents include adventure, humor, priceless perspectives, and helpful travel tips. But be warned! The book may literally carry you away to other lands and inspire you to travel in her footsteps.
Jim Ott
Bay Area News Group Correspondent 

Langer's superior storytelling ability makes turning the pages of her book a joyous and engaging experience.
Joanne Giampa
Professor and Travel & Tourism Program Coordinator

An unabashed delight to read! Langer's stories are funny, scary, and heartwarming with an innocence that even a seasoned traveler experiences at times.
Mona Dawson
Travel Agency Projects Coordinator

Langer has captured the essence of being a good traveler in a world of unfamiliar customs and traditions. You're sure to enjoy this book from cover to cover.
Marji Miloro
Travel Agency Owner 

Langer's adventures keep you laughing at times and shaking your head at others. This is a must read for anyone who loves to travel or just explore the world from the safety of an easy chair.
Lynette Pierce

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